When Farmers Markets first came onto the scene, products for sale typically included vegetables, fruits, plants, baked goods, and eggs. However, since 2005, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of locally grown meats that are available at not only local Farmers Markets, but also in local on-farm stores, retail outlets, online stores, and restaurants. Some farmers and producers sell single meat cuts while others sell whole, half or quarter animals. Some focus on selling directly to the meat-eater, while others focus on selling wholesale to restaurants, with many having diverse channels for getting their products from farm to table.

T&E Meats has seen this growth in local meat sales firsthand. In 2008, T&E served only four local farmers who brought their meats for processing to sell under their own private labels. Now, T&E serves over sixty local producers who private label their meats and meat products for sale locally.


T&E has compiled a partial list of our farmers and producers so you can see how they market their products and how you can contact them for more information. You can also quickly identify farmers who sell whole, half and quarter animals from this list. In particular, if you want hog for a barbeque, you’ll find farmers who sell whole BBQ hogs. To view or download our partial list of Farmers and Producers, just click here.


T&E features specific farmers and producers on our website so you can learn more about our producers and what the offer. More featured farmers will be added to our site in the future. Currently, we are featuring J&L Green Farm, Papa Weaver’s Pork, and Polyface Farms. Just click on the photos for more information.

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