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T&E Meats Announces Apprenticeship Program

T&E Meats has just announced our new Meat Professional Apprenticeship Program! Our training program is being called a Meat Professional Apprenticeship because our apprentices will learn every aspect of the local meat processing industry, from humane animal handling to slaughter to processing, curing and smoking, inventory control, industrial and meat safety, packaging and shipping, as […]

The New York Times Ethics of Meat Contest

The NYT challenged readers to submit a 600-word essay answering the question “Why is it Ethical to Eat Meat.  Entries were due by April 8, 2012.   They commissioned 5 judges—Peter Singer, Michael Pollan, Mark Bittman, Jonathan Safran Foer and Andrew Light—all of whom question or attack the idea of eating meat.  The prize – […]

I Like Meat

I was recently reading the comments to an on-line article about the ethics of meat-eating.  What follows is my response to the comment “What we need are place-based, not plant-based, diets.”  I couldn’t have said it better, and so I wrote: “I eat animals because I like them.  I like their meat, and I like […]

How high-tech butchers, niche operations differ (SFGate)

T&E Meats was recently featured in the San Francisco Chronicle’s SF Gate. Here’s an excerpt: Cloud was lured to this underappreciated link in the local food chain by Joel Salatin, the hyperarticulate farmer made famous by UC Berkeley’s Michael Pollan and the film “Food, Inc.” Salatin was worried about the Harrisonburg plant, T&E Meats, which […]

The Fight to Save Small-Scale Slaughterhouses (The Atlantic)

T&E Meats co-owner Joe Cloud is a regular blogger at The Atlantic. His latest post is titled, “The Fight to Save Small-Scale Slaughterhouses”. An excerpt: Picture an hourglass and you’ll understand the sustainable meat crisis: there are plenty of willing consumers out there, and there are more and more farmers looking to “meat” that consumer […]

Next Slaughterhouse Extinction Wave

This should be the slowest time of the year for butchering, but T&E Meats is booked months in advance, like the other small meat processing plants in my area. We’re all working at almost full capacity to bring locally grown, pasture-raised, and humanely slaughtered quality meats to market. The local food movement and the bad […]


Ever hear the phrase “Sometimes life is what happens when you are making other plans?”  I purchase pigs regularly for our sausage making enterprise, and almost always have some in the barn.  Imagine my surprise yesterday to come in and find my little herd had grown by 6!  Someone had shipped a pregnant sow to […]

The Beauty of Local Hogs

Why eat local? Why know your food source? Why care about humane husbandry practices? As owner/operator of a small local slaughterhouse, I see a lot of pigs over the course of a month. Some of them are mine – mostly raised in industrial conditions in Pennsylvania farms, and purchased to be converted to sausage in […]